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YEE's Climate Week has concluded


ClimateWeek2015This year, YEE started its grassroot campaign called Climate Campaign. As the name suggests, the campaign focuses on climate change as an immense problem that every person on the planet faces. Thus, the intent is to involve people from all over Europe to become a part of the solution, to raise and spread awareness.

In line with this idea, from 14 to 27 September, we organised YEE Climate Week. During these days, we invited NGOs and local groups to organise a workshop event that suits their community and area of work. To make things easier for anyone who is interested, we prepared The Climate Campaign Workshop Guidelines that offers various tips for organising events about climate change.

During these days, we organised a local workshop that involved a movie screening, calculation of ecological footprint and a presentation. The event was organised in a cooperation with International Young Naturefriends (IYNF) who made a presentation about our organisations' upcoming plans concerning the 2015 Climate Conference in Paris (COP21). You can read more about our workshop here.

As a part of our Climate Week, there were also several other activities in Serbia, Finland, Russia and Armenia that we have published on our website section. Other organisations that joined are currently summing up their events, so stay tuned.

To conclude, we consider our first YEE Climate Week a success and we are very satisfied with the results and feedback that we are receiving from the partners. Our organisation, and the other organisations who joined, feel that we are all on the right track, and from here on, we can only strive to make a bigger impact in our response to climate change.

Follow our YEE Climate Campaign Facebook group to read news and submissions.