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Climate Change Workshop in Prague

climate workshop2Climate Campaign is YEE's grassroot campaign designed to encourage YEE members, youth NGOs and local groups to contribute to the global social movement for stronger action in response to climate change. The Climate Week, part of the Climate Campaign, is taking place in September 14-27 and we invite our member organisations and friends to be a part of it. We encourage people from all over Europe to take initiative and contribute to a better habitat against the climate change. Also, we are inviting people to document their well intended activities so we can publish it and inspire more individuals to join.

YEE office has already taken part in the Climate Week. On Thursday, 17th September we at YEE along with our friends from International Young Naturefriends (IYNF) organised a Climate Change Workshop in the lovely Cafe V Lese in Prague.

We started our event with the screening of "Chasing Ice" documentary movie. The documentary shows how National Geographic photographer James Balog tries to capture a multi-year record of the world's changing glaciers across the Arctic. He proved the shocking effects of climate change. The Climate Workshopmovie was followed by a short discussion about what we have seen and how we can change this accelerated problem.

Afterward, the delegates of IYNF introduced and invited us to join the march for COP21 which is estimate to be a big Climate Movement in the streets of Paris. We ended our event with an ecological footprint calculation where the participants could realize how their daily lifestyle can have an impact on the planet.

You are more than welcome to join the Climate Week and our Climate Campaign, you can read more about it here and feel free to get some inspiration from our booklet as well.