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International Upcycling Campaign

YEE's International Upcycling campaign took place over 6 months in 6 different countries. It involved 7 different organisations who engaged their Logo Upcyclingmembers and the wider public. It aimed to raise environmental awareness by celebrating upcycling as an eco friendly concept.

Upcycling is taking waste and making it into something that has equal or greater use or value.

It is a very valuable environmental concept which acts as an alternative for or a complement to re-cycling. It raises awareness of the value of objects and highlights the environmental consequences of waste and consumerism.

During the campaign we created videos with examples of upcycling, collected ideas for booklet, organised several workshops in 6 countries. We had a lot of fun preparing this campaign and invite you to get involved in it by sharing with us your ideas for upcycling.









Financial support:

The main funder of this project is the European Youth Foundation, The Council of Europe.

Council of Europe

The project is co-funded by the Youth in Action Programme.

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