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Water – Its Importance in Pictures campaign

We drink water every day mainly with no reflection. But fresh water is a real treasure that needs to be protected. Water is an integral part of our environment and we cannot live without it, however, there are people who do not have access to fresh water.

Within the project "Water - its importance in pictures" we collected pictures of people drinking at public spaces - at squares, in forest, from fountains.
Pictures were taken along the summer of 2010 in the European countries.

Selected pictures were then printed in big format and during autumn exposed in following European cities moving from country to country: Armenia, Czech Republic and Albania.

Each exhibition was accompanied by description of the water importance adapted to each country where the exhibition was installed. Invited experts on environment and human rights gave speeched by the openings of the exhibition in each country. Final pictures and texts of the exhibition were put at the web page of partner organisations. 

Everybody is welcome to contribute with pictures from all over the World. Summer trips are great opportunity to do so. Water flows in our Universe and as environment it knows no border.

Photos from the exhibitions:


Czech Republic