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Evaluation Meeting ‘Environmental Audit’

When: 1st – 5th March 2011

Where: Ecological Centre Toulcův dvůr, Prague, Czech Republic

Who: Youth and Environment Europe




Project description

After the Training Course "Environmental Audit" finished and its participants carried out their actions in their own countries, it was time to evaluate their results. TC participants coming from Czech Republic, Albania, Germany and Macedonia, and several new ones, 17 in total, gathered in Toulcův Dvůr ecological centre in Prague. They shared their experience from local actions and made a reflection on the difficulties and opportunities they found on their way. Some best practices to follow in different situations – international and local events, management of offices and surroundings, publications, etc. – were drawn from that reflection. An Internal Audit workshop was done, giving the participants the opportunity to play the role of both an auditor and an organisation being audited. At the end of the week each organisation team designed its action plan for the follow up of the project and the need for support and cooperation among all the participants was set.



The aim of this evaluation meeting was to share the experience from organisation of local actions taken in each country, analyse their strong and weak points and create a network for cooperation and support among our organisations in order to achieve the best multiplying effect possible.


Opinions from Participants

"The evaluation meeting had a good impression on me. We learnt a lot; it was very useful to get to know other local projects and different approaches. The organization was great, food and accommodation as well. The only thing I didn't like that much was the busy schedule during the meeting. It was nice to walk over the ancient city of Prague under the sunny weather."
Nenad Jelovac (Ecologists' Movement of Macedonia)

"As a new volunteer in YEE, the evaluation meeting was the first project I did take part in. Thus I had the occasion to discover new people from different Member Organizations. The richness of this weekend was mainly brought by the fact that we come from different countries and have different things to share. Since I already had experience in Environmental Management Systems, this weekend was a refreshing aproach of the tool. Indeed used by an NGO it is less focused on business purposes, which is motivating. By joining this project, I took part in an action plan and became fully a member of the project. To conclude, I would say it was an interesting and joyful step in life of YEE."
Mathieu Frédière (EVS volunteer in YEE)

Participating organisations


Financial support

This project was funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Commission.




EM Environmental Audit Photogallery