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Movie project 'Youth in green mov(i)e'

movie movie2

What: Promotional movie of Youth and Environment Europe 'Youth in green mov(i)e'

Where: Czech Republic

When: January - June 2010

Who: international team of Youth and Environment Europe with the help of member organisations

Here is the short version of the movie, just a couple of minutes of video about our organisation:


The project ‘Youth in ‘green‘ mov(i)e‘ aimed to create a general information movie about Youth and Environment Europe - the network of youth environmental organisations that has already a long history.
An international team was working for 6 months gathering materials about YEE, pictures from various projects, documenting international meetings, and cooperating with professional film makers.
The movie shows how young people can join the organisation and how to get involved in activities, what the main fields of work are and what type of activities YEE organises. We prepared two movies - a long and short version. We hope you will find them useful - they show young people organising green events!
The movie will be used to present Youth and Environment Europe to member organisations, volunteers, and all young people interested in the international environmental activities. Through the movie we want to reach bigger amount of young people who could be interested in active work for environment. It is be a great source of information about the organisation and possibilities of activities that other people can join. It promotes youth work and active participation of young people.
We hope the movie will inspire you and encourage you to get more involved in activities with Youth and Environment Europe.

This is the complete version of the movie, with more information, interviews and pictures from YEE activities:


Preparatory team

Gosia Zubowicz, (Poland), Katka Lejckova, (Czech Republic), Alberto Mogio Perez (Spain), Adriana Harnuskova (Slovakia), Paulina Piasecka (Poland), Francesco Ballone (Italy), Gjoko Zoroski (Macedonia), Anne Kollien (Germany), Monika Kotulak (Poland), Elena Raspertova (Russia), Michal Ruman (Czech Republic), Kyrylo Ivliev (Ukraine), Jane Harding (U.K.), Jason Bonnici (Malta)

Partner organisations

DEM (Macedonia), DJN (Germany), SYC (Armenia), Duha (Czech Republic), Konopa (Czech Republic), NAJU (Germany), Toulcuv Dvur - ecological center (Czech Republic)

Financial support

This project was funded by the European Youth Foundation - the Council of Europe and co-funded by Lifelong Learning Programme - the European Commission.

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