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YE - Give Pedestrians Their City back!

From 16-23 September 2012 in Albania,Tirana, Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) and Environmental center for Development Education and Networking (EDEN Center) organized and coordinated the Youth Exchange "Give pedestrians their city back." The event, which took place in the mobility week, brought together 32 young people from 11 different countries of Europe who wish to change their way of living in more ecological and environmental friendly cities.

20 YE Tirana"Traffic in Tirana is very dangerous and when you cross the road you should be thinking twice. Drivers and pedestrians must be more careful and follow the rules" - says Maggie Dokupilova, general secretary of YEE.

Throughout the week, the young perceived the life in Tirana. They monitored the capital and its urban development, expressed their opinions and recommendations for the Municipality of Tirana, received information on urban development, public participation and campaigning, visited the Aarhus Board in the Ministry of Environment Forests and Water Administration and joined Tirana Architectural Week (TAW).
One of the most important actions was the organization for the World Car Free Day . On Saturday, September 22, the Young performed two "Flash Mobs" related with road transportation and later the youth joined with their actions the big event "Star Ride" organized by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration, Tirana Municipality, SELEA Project and EU info center

Thank you for STOPPING!
This was the first Flash Mob's title. The youth had prepared tables written "Thank you for Stopping" in Albanian language and while they were crossing at the white stripes the streets, without talking they showed at the drivers the tables, thanking them for stopping just as it ought happen . The purpose of crossing the roads with this tables was to aware the drivers to respect the traffic rules and the pedestrians. The message is directed to the pedestrians themselves as well who should be more attentive to the rules and road signs.

23 YE Tirana

Use Bicycle!
The youth walked till the Faculty of Foreign Languages. There Ecovolis provided bicycles and the Star ride started. The final stop was at the pedestrian street Murat Toptani where they joined other fans of bicycles and the fair of environmental organizations. Representative of EDEN center and YEE were present at the fair to transmit to other people the message for a sustainable environmental development

Give pedestrians their city back!
This was the second Flash Mob that the participants organized during the World Car Free day .After the welcoming speeches for the activity the youth penetrated the crowd with the message written in tables " Give pedestrians their city back". Grouped very close next to each other, as a body, they held a silent very slow walk by inviting the audience to join the call. This innovative idea was applauded from the public.
Throughout this marathon of actions was showed that the car is not the only way of transportation and definitely to develop a new spirit of transportation , concrete investment in alternative transport should be done. Through this Youth exchange Tirana had the opportunity to be seen by other eyes who are looking for changes and to preserve the identity of Tirana in its uniqueness. Throughout the week the young people exchanged their experiences and feeling for Tirana and their cities.

The Youth exchange is financially supported from European Union through the programmers Youth in Action (YiA) and European Youth Foundation (EYF). YEE and EDEN center coordinated all the activity