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Elen Karapetyan - Chairperson

I am Elen from Armenia. My passion towards everything nature and wilderness related has been one of the few firmly unaltered indicators of my character since a very early age. My time in the “Yeghvard” Youth Ecological NGO helped to cast the passion into a fulfilling mission to contribute to the process of making a change in my country. I find myself to be an explorative and a very curious linguist in Spanish․ Despite the diploma qualifying me as a Linguist, I do feel there are many gaps to be filled in my hobbies, such as nature conservation and environmental study. I am deeply convinced that being a part of the YEE is an essential prerequisite for future accomplishment and sustainability of my career and all the efforts that my organization is putting in the fields of conservation and environment education in Armenia. I envision my work to become a good basis for fostering those in Armenia.