YEE Annual Meeting 2011

When: 22nd to 24th of July 2011

Where: Toulcuv Dvur, Prague, Czech Republic

Who: Youth and Environment Europe

YEE Annual Meeting is a meeting of representatives of YEE member organisations.

As part of this year's programme of the Annual Meeting you can look forward to:

  • the elaboration of the 2011/2012 working plan of the federation with new interesting environmental projects and activities,
  • the election of the new YEE executive board,
  • the discussion about the short term strategies of YEE,
  • and a lot more about YEE, international cooperation, etc.

Agenda of YEE Annual Meeting 2011

If you have any questions please contact YEE office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember, you and your organization can create the future of YEE!!!
We are looking forward to meeting you during the most important YEE meeting.

Some word from the participants:

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Opinions from participants

"Annual meeting of YEE member organisations was a new and novel experience to me as I got the chance to know more about the work of YEE office and other organisations. It was very interesting and inspiring to watch how future projects were created, discussed and organised, to see how many people have similar views in the subject of ecology and are able to make their own unique projects and that other participants were ready to support them in their ideas. I also appreciated the fact that all the organisational work and all future projects are done by young people who are not afraid to take responsibility and are ready to help each other."
Natalya Luchko (EcoCenter Zapovedniks, Russia)

"During the Annual Meeting, I've received complete and thorough information about YEE's functioning and activities it undergoes, about its structure and future plans. Also, I found out how important YEE's involvement in environment protection is and learned about the ways how it is promoted.
In conclusion, I have to say that the whole project was greatly supportive and valuable from experience gaining standpoint. The information got and skills developed will help me in my everyday work and even deepen the enthusiasm for future endeavors."

Irine Elisabedashvili (ASA, Georgia)

"During Annual Meeting we were able to get to know YEE really deeply. To be honest, formal procedures were not exactly funny, although there were plenty of energizing games. Nevertheless the meeting became truly exciting when we started planning ahead. The next year will be engrossing, so much new projects and activities! I am looking forward and I hope that I will be engaged in them.
And what I took back home from Annual Meeting? Faces. Of all participants and all organizers, full of enthusiasm and with shining eyes. It was great to see so many avid people at one place, each of them willing to devote his or her time to meaningful activities."

Tomas Protivinsky (Hnuti Brontosaurus, Czech Republic)

"It was a really great experience to 'see' how big international organization works - the plans until the next annual meeting - how they were structured, prioritized... It was fascinating that I could find out more about the ideas of all these young people and try to find how my ideas could be connected with those of the others in such a way that they could form a whole project for the next year!"
Stoycho Mihov (EO Rhodope , Bulgaria)