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Training course "Environmental education for sustainability"

When: 13-20 April 2014

Where: Environmental center Radulovacki in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

Who: Youth and Environment Europe (Czech Republic) and Young Researchers of Serbia (Serbia)

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Project description:

"Environmental Education for Sustainability'" was organised as a training course for active young environmentalists in Europe who are interested in becoming environmental educators for sustainability.
During the training course we used non-formal education methods to develop the participants' skills and understanding of the topic and explore how they can gain valuable experience by volunteering for environmental organisations. For young people from YEE network this can be a good starting point of becoming environmental educators in relation with sustainable lifestyle. The participants took part in interactive sessions where they practiced the type of activities that environmental educators typically do. They shared their experiences from their own countries and discussed the role of young people in environmental education in Europe. 

As a follow-up we will work on the booklet for environmental educators.

Aims and objectives:

The aim of the TC is to train young people in methods of environmental non-formal education in order to become efficient promoters of sustainability.

The objectives of the TC are:

  • to exchange information and experience about environmental education in different countries
  • to discuss and perceive the role of youth NGOs in environmental education
  • to explore environmental education in partner organisations
  • to train skills in environmental education focused on sustainability
  • to encourage young participants to create their own programme of environmental educator focused on sustainability
  • to discuss and explore the factors that ensure the professional quality of environmental education
  • to practice various environmental educational methods

Participating organisations:

  • Youth and Environment Europe (Czech Republic)
  • Young Researchers of Serbia (Serbia)
  • Eper Center (Albania)
  • Eden Center (Albania)
  • FYCA (Armenia)
  • Khazer (Armenia)
  • Gutta-club (Moldova)
  • AYA (Russia)
  • Ecocenter Zapovedniks (Russia)
  • Hnuti Brontosaurus (Czech Republic)
  • OPE (Portugal)
  • Look East Wild Earth (UK)
  • Europarc (Belgium)

Contact person: If you want to know more about this project, please contact Natalia Luchko: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Impressions from the participants:

"The TC was a real inspiration for me, as each of the trainer gave a different view of the topic which was easily harmonized with others' views. An intense, colorful, full of new knowledge and lessons experience, with a positive and joyful spirit. Can't wait to see how everything will be reflected at the booklet for environment education for sustainability so that others may have the opportunity to feel the same." Lira Hakani, EDEN Center, ALbania

"One month after the participation on this training course, I can now consistently reafirm my 3 main conclusions/outcomes of this rich experience in Sremski Karlovci - Serbia. First I can say that after sharing a week with a group of so diverse and experienced people, it's clear that "change is on the way towards a sustainable way of living"! Secondly, a word of gratitude to the smooth and eficient work made by the organizational team of this project, for sure another YEE's stamp of quality ;) Thirdly, but not less important, it's very much true that we had a passionate team of trainers, who managed to motivate us with their visions and insights of sustainability and environmental education approaches!" Gil Pereira, OPE, Portugal

 The follow-up of this project included the booklet "Environmental education for sustainability".


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