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Training Course "Women for the planet - a short course how to lead for change"

When: 1-8 June 2013

Where: Maribor, Slovenia

Who: ZRZ EPEKA (Slovenia) and YEE

Women for the Planet TC-Women for the Planet 17 Roma Kitchen


The project focused on women in Central and Eastern Europe and Balkan and Caucasus region to empower them to be leaders in their organisations and their communities.

During this TC we aimed to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills about leadership, possibility to discuss and exchange experience with other environmental organisations and the opportunity to develop and practice their leadership skills. This TC included a variety of practice, theoretical input and sharing of experience. A particular focus was placed upon gender equality and rights, elimination of gender discrimination, different types of leadership styles, etc.

The objectives:

  • To increase leadership skills;
  • To increase awareness of sustainability issues;
  • To increase awareness of community and social issues;
  • To encourage a more proactive approach to sustainability issues;
  • To promote self-development and increase confidence;
  • To increase community mobilization skills;
  • To facilitate the exchange of opinions, views, methods, and experience among participants.

Participating organisations:

  • YEE
  • Baltic Regional fund
  • EPEKA Turkiye
  • Youth for Social Changes
  • NGO "EKO-Leonardo"
  • Stepanavan Youth Center
  • ASA
  • Ukrainian Youth Centre
  • DOMO "Euroclub"
  • Volunteers Centre Skopje
  • AYA
  • ORA - Organizata Rinore Akti
  • NGO Svetionik Lighthouse

Impressions of the participants:

"During the course of TC, I have personally gained a lot of experiences from the participants and the presentation of the traiiners were super as well. On behalf of my organisation of EPEKA, I can say that we have exchanged many experiences and had the opportunity to share and developed practices from the tutors. Especially, I focused upon the gender equality and rights and different types of leadership styles. I am planning to share these within my organiation as soon as I get time to present it.
Special thanks to the organising board for their overall contributions." Oktay Kuru, EPEKA Turkey


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