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Training course 'Be a leader in an environmental organisation'

When: 5.10. - 12.10.2012

Where: Bela u Jevicka, Czech Republic, Ecological Center Renata

Who: Youth and Environment Europe

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 Project description:

The extensive experience of YEE working on youth environmental projects has highlighted the particular need for providing young people with knowledge and skills about leadership, and the opportunity to develop and practice their leadership skills. That is why YEE decided to organise a training course on leadership skills in environmental youth organisations. For our network competent and skilled leaders are very important in bringing local projects into European level, exchanging experiences, multiplying and involving many other young people.

The training course ‘Be a leader in an environmental organisation' was projected for young people who are leaders, coordinators, youth workers in their organisations and want to improve their skills in leading projects and managing groups. 22 young people from 10 youth organisations (from Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Albania, Serbia, Armenia, Macedonia, Italy and Czech Republic) met to practice the skills of being a good leader in environmental projects. The TC addressed the need of youth organisations to have competent, experienced and skilled volunteers and workers that will know well how to use the potential and energy of young people involved in the organisation. We focused especially on young people working in the field of environmental protection and non-formal education so that they could pass their knowledge in the topic well, involve in their projects many people and give the biggest possible impact to their activities.

During the training course, we trained skills of organising better quality projects at local and international level, facilitating meetings, giving feedback, preparing evaluations, giving presentations, motivating people, etc. We also initiated the exchange of experience and in this way showed various points of view, methods and practices in leading and facilitating projects.
Aims and objectives:
The aim of the TC is to improve leadership skills of young environmentalists.
This training course aimed to train skills of youth leaders in environmental organisations i.e. the soft skills that they need to facilitate, to work with a group and the skills in project management that will help them to create more useful projects with bigger impact and involvement of young people.
The objectives of the TC were:
  • To train participant's leadership skills crucial for environmental organisations
  • To improve various skills (communication skills, conflict resolution skills, time management skills, human management skills)
  • To practice how to raise environmental awareness (motivation skills)
  • To support youth leaders from YEE network and their youth NGOs in self-development
  • To exchange leadership techniques and experience of leaders from various organisations from different countries (involving volunteers, motivating)
  • To strengthen the network and plan the strategy of supporting youth leaders (follow-up activities)
  • To raise the quality of international projects based on non-formal education


Check the program of the project.

Opinions from participants:

'I love to be a participant in YEE trainings. I always find new friends that help to give spirit, energy and shape to my thoughts, emotions and knowledge/information. And it doesn't matter how many times you participated in a training with almost the same topic, or how experienced you are, there is always something new and someone that leads you to a different point of view, that helps you understand and live your reality by improving it every day.'
Ermelinda Mahmutaj, EDEN Center, Albania

'This TC for me represents a strong driving force for my personal development, as well as for the development of my organization. It gave me burst of ideas for next steps and possibilities of other more interesting ways of doing things. Now I feel more able to see the bigger picture more clearly on organizational level and to see things from different perspectives. We were talking about motivation, but I think that the biggest motivation for me were all the friendships that I made there, all of us sharing the same aim – protection of our nature.'
Katerina Gileva, DEM, Macedonia

'During the few training sessions I offered I could think more deeply and experiment a little about leaders (leader aspect in every person) and how support their growth. In the sessions I tried to deliver a bottom line which I intuitively felt but did not fully grasped: leader is aware connected to his self: dreams, thinking, emotions, and body. Once strong and connected inside, the leadership appears naturaly.'
Ondrej Pribyla, trainer, Czech Republic

'It was a really good experience to take part in this training course! Very professional trainers and organizers, great program and inputs about leadership and ENGOs work, enthusiastic group of participants, wonderfull venue! Everything that one could need for returning full of motivation to continue changing the world :) Congratulations to YEE team and let's keep on networking like this!'
Gil Pereira, OPE, Portugal

'I've been really impressed with the organizational Staff. The team was really passionated and competent. I've appreciated the Leadership course in its whole complexity, especially the topic about "Presentation Skills". The competences acquired during the course are going to be really usefull in my future project, not only in my organisation.'
Sesto Giuseppe Santoli, Mine Vaganti, Italy

'This was my first training and I honestly say it was better than I expected. I learnt a lot. We had really wonderful and professional team who helped us. All participants were creative people, full of ideas, that really made me think. I hope some of these ideas will be realized. Thank you very much.'
Biljana Stranjancevic, Young Researchers of Serbia, Serbia

'Training course was very useful for my organization. After the TC I came back to my organization with concrete ideas how to improve quality and impact of our work. Projects organized by YEE always give me a new motivation and inspiration for further work. This project was not exeption. It was great! Thanks for organizers and participants!'
Ģirts Baranovskis, Balta Daba, Latvia

'I loved it and if I have another chance to go to more TCs made by YEE, I am in! In my opinion, in one week you did make 22 people feel like only one, and also giving them tools to be much better leaders than they were before that week. Staying one week with so different minds and so different ways of living life, was a great experience because with that now I am able to see life with another prespective.'
Jorge Carvalho, OPE, Portugal

'Whiiiiii...I can just remember the wide smile in my mind when I was sitting there and listening to the organizers and trainers describing me the way and tools to achieve my dreams. Suddenly I saw all the connections and the solutions in my working tasks I'm trying to solve now which drove me to day dreaming where I could see the future which inspires and motivates me every single day in my work.'
Ondrej Dobes, ZC Hnuti Brontosaurus Modry Kamen, Czech Republic

Participating organisations:

  • Youth and Environment Europe, Czech Republic
  • ZC Hnutí Brontosaurus Modry kamen, Czech Republic
  • FÖJ-AKTIV, Germany
  • Organizaçao para a Promoçao dos Ecoclubes, Portugal
  • Young Researchers of Serbia, Serbia
  • Stepanavan Youth center, Armenia
  • DEM, Macedonia
  • Environmental center for Development Education and Networking, Albania
  • BALTA DABA, Latvia
  • Mine Vaganti, Italy


Photos from the project



Contact person: If you want to know more about the project, please contact: Gosia Zubowicz, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.