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What: Tamjdem                                   

When: March 2010

Where: Toulcuv dvur, Pargue

Who: Duha supported by YEE

Tamjdem is a gripping initiative that bring volunteering closer to young people and enlarge their knowledge about different Czech NGOs.The volunteers spend a weekend on micro-camping in one of the Czech organizations and experience the essence of voluntary work by helping them for the whole weekend.

On weekend from Friday 12th till Sunday 14th our organization hosted fifteen incredible enthusiastic and friendly volunteers who decided to spend some of their free time working with us. Our team was very international. We welcomed youth volunteers from Czech Rep., France, Germany, England, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Spain - all living and working in our country. Cultural exchange was really lively and exciting especially when it came to cuisine:).

Maybe you cannot see spring from your window yet, but soon it will come. So it was high time to start tidying up our farm to welcome spring in all its splendour. We removed and burnt old branches, racked leaves and grass and worked hard to clean one of the oldest spaces in Toulcuv Dvur: Špychar. We all made a serious job and really had fun together. In the evening we watched the film "Auto*mat",a provocative documentary about life and transport in Prague which later provoked a lively discussion.

On the last day we organized a team game: a "treasure hunt". The main purpose of the game was to find out more about our beautiful ecological centre which is an old farmhouse from 14th century, and to enjoy team work. Finding the treasure was not an easy task. You had to be wise like an indian, skilled like a trapper, talented like an artist, a know-it-all historian and experienced with animals like an old farmer. Just have a look at our photos: they will tell you everything :)
If you would like to take part in one of the Tamjdem camps go to the website and find your perfect weekend.