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Training Course "How to be a green entrepreneur"

When: 12 -20 October 2015

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Who: Youth and Environment Europe

Description of the training course:

The training course "How to be a green entrepreneur" took place from 12 to 20 October 2015 in Toulcuv Dvur, Prague, Czech Republic. It gathered 23 participants from 11 partner organisations coming from 10 different countries (Czech Republic, Spain, Latvia, Croatia, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Italy and Ireland).

The TC "How to be a green entrepreneur" is part of the long-term project "Green Entrepreneurship"

The methodology used during the TC was non-formal education, learning from each other and learning by doing. This TC was not a business seminar with input provided unidirectionally by an expert. Two facilitators guided participants through their learning and we invited experts to join us for some sessions, but what participants learned and took out of this TC depended on them.

During the eight days of the training course, participants had the possibility to present and elaborate their green start-up ideas and receive feedback from other participants as well as experts. A big part of the training was the contribution from experienced entrepreneurs who presented their experience and offered their input. The main sessions focused on desing thinking, lean canvas, risk analysis, different profiles of team members, sustainable finances. legal issues and funding. Another part of the training course were study visits where participants got familiar with more successful green start-ups. Last but not least, the facilitators along with the participants planned a detailed follow-up.

Aims and objectives:

This TC aimed to train and inspire young people with green start-up ideas and help them start and develop their own green business.


  • To train young people's basic skills on how to create green start-ups.
  • To empower and inspire young people through successful examples and stories.
  • To give young entrepreneurs support when starting their own green business.
  • To encourage young people to think "out of the box" (innovative thinking).
  • To spread environmentally friendly practices among young entrepreneurs.

Impressions from participants:

"The TC was for me both useful and joyful. Having a smooth dynamic in such a diverse group became not only our tasks but an interactive test for our future teams to work with. Arriving with a clear idea offered us the opportunity to work on it not only theoretically, but leading us to specific and practical skills on a Green Start Up."
Aniko - Hungary

"The team was very good, both the participants, the facilitators and the guests. There was harmony during this week. Everybody could contribute with something, at least with their onw green start-up ideas. There was a great balance between theory and practice, as we could contact with real examples and real people that we might "imitate" somehow. I had a few questions concerning my start-up ideia that were naturally answered during this week. It was a great learning experience."
Paulo - Portugal

"For me this TC was my first international/ Erasmus + experience. I really loved it, I learned a lot of interesting information regarding the green business start-ups, I developed myself, I made new friends from different countries and I visited a very beautiful city- Prague. I came back with widen perspectives and a lot of ideas/plans and dreams. At the moment I can't wait to put them in practice in order to start my business and to apply for another Erasmus+ training."
Iolanda - Romania

Participating organisations:

  • Youth and Environment Europe (Czech Republic)
  • Asociación Biodiversa (Spain)
  • BALTA DABA (Latvia)
  • Argonauta (Croatia)
  • OPE (Portugal)
  • Asociata Ecouri Verzi (Romania)
  • Humusz Szövetség (Hungary)
  • OA PTTK (Poland)
  • homo ecos: (Latvia)
  • Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy)
  • Eco-Unesco (Ireland)

Promotional materials:

At the end of the training course, participants collected quotes that inspired them for their future as green entrepreneurs. Those quotes were used to create promotional materials that will help to disseminate the main ideas of the project.

Contact person:
 If you want to know more about this project, please contact Mercedes Fioravanti This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



TC "How to be a green entrepreneur"