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Annual Meeting 2011 Documents

In this section you can find information about YEE Annual Meeting 2011.

Approved documents


Invitation for the Annual Meeting 2011

Final Agenda and Application forms

YEE's Annual Meeting's Agenda

Application for for TC "I can lead! I can facilitate!" and Annual Meeting

YEE Memberships: Review, Cancellation, Admission

In this section you will be able to find
- the notice of review and cancellation of memberships in YEE (and if there were any, the replies to the letters that were sent to all MOs concerned)
- the report on the organizations applying for membership
This information is useful for the item on the agenda of the Annual Meeting when the General Assembly (=full member organization delegates) vote on the dismissal and acceptance of memberships.

Notice of review and cancellation of membership in YEE

Report on Organizations Applying for Membership at the Annual Meeting 2011

Annual Report

Here you will find the YEE Annual Report 2010-2011 which contains the information concerning:
- YEE Activities,
- overview of the financial situation of the organization, and
- Member Organizations (list of current members, list and description of the organizations applying for YEE membership, list of organizations which membership needs to be reviewed or canceled this year).

If any questions appear, do not hesitate to contact the YEE office.

YEE Annual Report 2010-2011

Report of the Secretariat 2010-2011

Here you will find the YEE Secretariat Report 2010-2011 which contains the information concerning:
- YEE's office members' activities and project carried on.
- YEE's EVS volunteers activities.

YEE Secratariat Report

Reports of the Executive Board Members 2010-2011

Here you will be able to find the reports of the Executive Board Members of this business year. Based on the Annual Report and these reports those of you who have the right to vote (full member organization delegates) will have to clear off the current Board.

If you have any questions or doubts, contact any of us personally!

Report Treasurer 2010-2011 Anna Yeliseyeva

Report Publications Officer 2010-2011 Gemma Tracey

Report Project Officer 2010-2011 Irena Oupicová

Report EU Member Organisation Officer 2010-2011 Jana Prochowski

Report Non EU Mo Officer 2010-2011 Gayane Muradova

Report YEE Chairperson 2010-2011 Nazineh Khalafyan

Report Eternal Relation Officer 2010-2011 Kyrylo Ivliev



Participants interviews


projectAM2 MP3:  


Opinions from participants

'Annual Meeting of YEE was a new experience to me as I got the chance to know more about the work of YEE office and other organisations. It was very interesting and inspiring to watch how future projects were created, discussed and organised, to see how many people have similar views on the subject of ecology and are able to make their own unique projects and that other participants were ready to support them in their ideas. I also appreciated the fact that all the organisational work and all future projects are done by young people who are not afraid to take responsibility and are ready to help each other.'
Natalya Luchko (EcoCenter Zapovedniks, Russia)

'During the Annual Meeting, I've received complete and thorough information about YEE's functioning and activities it undertakes, about its structure and future plans. Also, I found out how important YEE's involvement in environment protection is and learned about the ways how it is promoted.
In conclusion, I have to say that the whole project was greatly supportive and valuable from the poin of view of
gaining experience. The information received and skills developed will help me in my everyday work and even deepen the enthusiasm for future endeavors.'
Irine Elisabedashvili (ASA, Georgia)

'During Annual Meeting we were able to get to know YEE really deeply. To be honest, formal procedures were not exactly funny, although there were plenty of energizing games. Nevertheless, the meeting became truly exciting when we started planning ahead. The next year will be engrossing, so many new projects and activities! I am looking forward and I hope that I will be engaged in them.
And what I took back home from the Annual Meeting? Faces. Of all participants and all organizers, full of enthusiasm and with shining eyes. It was great to see so many avid people at one place, each of them willing to devote his or her time to meaningful activities.'

Tomas Protivinsky (Hnuti Brontosaurus, Czech Republic)