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YEE Annual Meeting 2010 Documents

In this section you can find information about YEE Annual Meeting 2010.


Invitation for the Annual Meeting 2010

AM 2010 Guidelines

AM 2010 Guidelines - how to get to the AM venue, information about accommodation, reimbursement, Czech Republic, vocabulary etc.

AM 2010 Basic Information - travel guidelines in a nutshell, version for printing

Final Agenda

Dear all,
only one month left until the Annual Meeting! In the following I upload final version of the agenda for the whole meeting in general and for the official part (Annual Meeting) in specific. As we announced that the departure is planned only on August 16th I hope you manage(d) to arrange your tickets in that spirit. Looking forward to meet you personally,

Final Agenda of the YEE Meeting 2010 - General Agenda of the meeting

Final Agenda of the YEE Annual Meeting 2010 - Agenda of the official part (AM)

YEE Memberships: Review, Cancellation, Admission

In this section you will be able to find
- the notice of review and cancellation of memberships in YEE (and if there were any, the replies to the letters that were sent to all MOs concerned)
- the report on the organizations applying for membership
This information is useful for the item on the agenda of the Annual Meeting when the General Assembly (=full member organization delegates) vote on the dismissal and acceptance of memberships.

Notice of review and cancellation of memberships in YEE

Report on Organizations Applying for Membership at the Annual Meeting 2010

Proposals on new YEE Policies 2010

Here you can find the proposals on the new Policies 2010. The current YEE Policies are available at the bottom part of the download section of the web page.

Explanations and Summary - Proposed Changes to the YEE Policies 2010

New Board Member Policy 2010

New Financial Policy 2010

New Member Orgtanisation Policy 2010

New Project Policy 2010

New Travel Policy 2010

New Volunteers Policy 2010

Annual Report

Here you will find the YEE Annual Report 2009-2010 which contains the information concerning:
- YEE Activities,
- overview of the financial situation of the organization, and
- Member Organizations (list of current members, list and description of the organizations applying for YEE membership, list of organizations which membership needs to be reviewed or canceled this year).

If any questions appear, do not hesitate to contact the YEE office.

YEE Annual Report 2009-2010

Reports of the Executive Board Members 2009-2010

Here you will be able to find the reports of the Executive Board Members of this business year. Based on the Annual Report and these reports those of you who have the right to vote (full member organization delegates) will have to clear off the current Board.

If you have any questions or doubts, contact any of us personally!

Report Treasurer and Project Officer 2009-2010, Elena Raspertova

Report External Relation Officer 2009-2010, Kyrylo Ivliev

Report Publication and Promotion Officer 2009-2010, Gjoko Zoroski

Report Member Organization Officer 2009-2010, Monika Kotulak

Report Coordination Officer 2009-2010, Michal Ruman

Report Chairperson 2009-2010, Anne Kollien