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International Upcycling workshops

YEE has been busy with upcycling workshops across Europe!

Upcycling workshop Albania 1EDEN Center promoted upcycling during Earth Day celebrations and the First Environmental Film Festival in Albania. They encouraged the public to get creative with waste at their 'upcycling craft corners.'

Meanwhile in Armenia, the Stepanavan Youth Center created a special workshop for children. They explained the concept of upcycling and are pleased to report that the children grew very enthusiastic as they grasped the idea. It inspired discussion on how best to improve environmental conditions in their community.

World map of Garbage Islands at Mosow Zoo for newsAYA designed a brilliant upycling workshop for World Oceans Day at Moscow Zoo. Volunteers spoke to the public about ocean pollution and the unbelievable 'garbage islands' that continue to grow. They explained the concept of upcycling and provided waste materials for crafts. Children were given special heart shapes to stick over a garbage island on the world map. The idea was to symbolize how upcycling can reduce waste and prevent bigger garage islands.

In the Czech Republic YEE teamed up with Muddum Art Center to to create an upcycling workshop for a local art group. The children made a popular board game called Snakes & Ladders out of old cardboard, cereal boxes and bottle caps. Then they upcycled old t-shirts into bags (see how here) to keep the board games safe. The workshop was light hearted and creative, completely using old materials (except for a special fabric paint).

Later that week the YEE office invited Veronika Richterová (a Czech artist) to speak about her upcycled artwork. The presentation was followed by craft demonstrations and the world premier of YEE's Upcycling Films.

See the photo gallery here.

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Veronika Richterova at Cafe V Lese Prague Workshop Muddum Upcycling workshop