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Message in a Jar

Photo jars 1Since 2004 EDEN center celebrates the Seasons'' fests with all its partner organizations inside and outside the boarders sending a unique message for environment protection on a handmade original postcard realized with reused materials. As a tradition, also this year we want to greet again in our way using instead of postcards the "postjars"!
Let us explain our idea!
Do you use a lot of products in glass containers? What do you do with containers when these products are consumed? Please don't throw them away, be smart and sensitive to reuse them for other products and scopes and if you want them unique and original, give freedom to your imagination and paint them!

Following these thoughts we painted these containers and used them as "postjars". The "postjars" latter on can serve as a multifunctional object for our friends. We wrote our seasons greeting message in a paper, put it inside the "postjar" and let it fly in the air to reach the new host!photo jars 3

How does it make you feel?
For us it was really amazing collecting these jars asking people to not throw them away, and then the most fun part the painting and distributing them to our friends. It was a new and funny experience that we recommend to everyone to try, as it is not necessary to be a person who likes to paint, just you have to use ecological paint that resists on glass and to have a good will to transform a simple jar in another useful object that you can use and to not be bored with. This is a very relaxing activity, so in the same time you are not wasting time during painting. It is costless, and you can use the new jars that we will send as a flower vase, as a pot etc. If you have more ideas let us know for what you used our glass postcards.
What else can we say? - Follow up!
phptp jars 4Please don't throw your jars, or everything else that can be transformed in another useful way, just be creative and everyone, nature and the future generations will appreciate it! Don't be a victim of this big developing society that forces you to buy and more than to be a unique and responsible inhabitant of the earth.

We are looking forward for photos of your creative work and Happy "Reuse" New Year to everyone!
EDEN team