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FÖJ-Aktiv e.V.: National Delegates Conference in Germany

In early November, the national spokespersons for the Ecological Volunteer Service (FÖJ) met at the national delegates conference in Hanover.
The FÖJ offers young people (16 - 27 yrs) the opportunity to learn about themselves and their abilities. It is a conscious decision to work in environmentally oriented projects and organizations for the preservation of the environment.

The FÖJ is the only gap year in Germany, which has a nationwide speaker system.
Volunteers organize themselves over a democratic based system. First, the regional seminar groups vote their speakers, then these speakers choose their spokespersons of ecological volunteers of their federal state, who meet on the national delegates conference.
This three-day meeting is filled with presentations, discussions, workshops and self-organized working groups.

Finally, the volunteers vote five new representatives at the federal level.

The whole proFOJ Activecess is supported by the YEE member organization "FÖJ Aktiv e.V." which was founded by former volunteers to develop the FÖJ and especially to help the current volunteers.
Every year the general assembly is connected to the National Delegates Conference and the members vote a new board. The former board was detached by Charlotte Brenneken, Merle Liebenehm-Axmann, Lino Jenner, Lisa Ahmed and Crispin Deppe.
The former board introduced the new one to their tasks in the following year and suggested projects like a benefice concert.



(from left: Crispin Deppe, Lino Jenner, Lisa Ahmed, Merle Liebenehm-Axmann, Charlotte Brenneken)