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Argonauta tackles plastic pollution

In March and April, Argonauta Association from Croatia carried out three workshops for the production of canvas bags held within the project "Pogled u modro" financed by INA d.d. through the Green belt program.

This is the overview of our EVS volunteer Serena:

"Using plastic bags can be the easiest solution. All the shops have them and it is not necessary to think how to store it, just throw it away! But we decided to try to think about the consequences of the easiest solution and we discovered that it wasn't the easiest at all. All that plastic is not going to disappear. It will cover our lands and it will be an indigestible meal for marine species, and then human beings. Argonauta organised a process to make people refuse the single-use plastic. First step? Change our habits and show a better solution than plastic bags. We involved children showing them how to reuse an old t-shirt to make a canvas bag. Having fun and in a creative way, the children could understand the three important Rs: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. The workshops have been organised also in Murter school trying to involve more children and to put in more heads the idea that a better solution is possible. The new canvas bags will be placed in different shops in Murter and the children - helped by a promotional video - will be the best promoters to teach adults how to choose the right solution."

Canvas boxes are placed on five locations in Murter and should also serve to raise awareness of the enormous amounts of plastic used daily and to encourage to reduce the use of plastic bags.

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