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"The Wolf through children´s eyes" / "Susi lapsen silmin"

Wolf drawing competition for children. Helsinki, Finland 22.1 – 3.2.2018

What images do wolves bring up in children nowadays?

Most people in Finland and Europe still associate wolves with the fictional “Big Bad Wolf” character of folkloric and fairy tales. Many religions equate wolves with evil and greed, but in reality wolves are fascinating and intelligent animals that play an vital role in the ecosystems.

As a nation-wide nature and environment conservation organisation for children and the youth working to reduce unnecessary fear and hatred of wolves, Luonto-Liiton susiryhmä / The Wolf Action Group organised a wolf drawing competition for children on three age categories: under 6 years old, 6-9 years old and 10-12 years old.

We received over 600 submissions from all over Finland.

The curatorial work was done by three well-known and professional Finnish artists who use nature and wild animals in their art: Samuli Heimonen, Nora Helsinki and Rosa Liksom.

The winners in each category were announced on the January issue of the Finnish Nature League´s magazine for children Sieppo.

An exhibition with the winning drawings for each category was organized in Helsinki center´s main library Kirjasto 10 for a duration of two weeks and the winning prizes and diplomas were handed out at the opening night on January 24th 2018 by the curators.

The winning prizes were kindly donated by Tempera art-supplies store and Ekolo ecoshop in Helsinki.


Finnish Nature League - Wolf Action Group