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Umbrella's campaign "Don't burn the leaf!"

Umbrella is launching informational online and offline campaign "Don’t burn the leaf!"

Umbrella is a youth organisation in Georgia, one of our priorities is to promote environmental education and awareness regarding various ecological and environmental issues among the youth.

In the scope of our goal we started a project aiming to raise awareness about the negative impact of burning the leaves in Georgia. Only a small part of our society knows that burning leaves harms not only the soil and air but also causes various dangerous diseases like asthma, bronchial diseases, cancer etc.

We believe that raising awareness will contribute to the reduction of such activities in Georgia and recommend other youth organization to spread a word about this bad habit.

To make the campaign more successful we created a small animation in Russian and Georgian to spread it through social media. We also organise regular meetings with young people around the country.

We believe youth is a power that can and must change our future and presence!