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"Ozone guardians" art contest - Argonauta

Kids from the third grade of the school in Murter joined the art contest OZONE GUARDIANS, which was announced by the Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy.

Although at the beginning of the lesson, kids had no idea what the ozone might be, after cartoon, stories and games they all could hardly wait to be a little OZONE GUARDIAN. The Argonauta's team explained to them what the ozone molecules are, what is ozone layer, and where it is located, who destroys it, and why it serves.

Kids loved the game where they acted the oxygen molecules and atoms that merge into ozone molecules and protect the Earth from unfavorable UV rays. With Ozzy Ozonko, the main protagonist of the cartoon, they also learned who destroy ozone. CFC and other substances that destroy the ozone layer are gases in refrigerators (old climates, refrigerators), fire extinguishers and some sprays and they need 25 years to reach the ozone layer and make holes in it.

To protect Ozzy Ozonko and his friends, we agreed that we would all protect our ozone by educating parents and friends, calling experts when we change refrigerators and reduce the use of harmful gases.

To educate the rest, we started an educational poster and agreed that our responsible behavior would contribute to ozone recovery by 2050. With this art contest kids might get prices as educational performance, games and other educational materials.

We keep our fingers crossed and believe that all together we can protect the ozone layer, the earth and the variety of life on it!