2004/2005, 12 months


Being a EVS volunteer for YEE in Prague was just one of the best experiences of my life. It gave me so much. I cannot really say what I enjoyed the most since everything what happened to me during this one year stay was so great.
Let's speak about work, at first: YEE offered me so much space to develop my own projects, apart from the regular tasks in the office (publishing magazines and newsletters, updating and developing the website). For instance, I had the chance to set up some photo exhibitions into the frame of my work as a volunteer for YEE and I really enjoyed doing that.
Moreover, thanks to YEE, I met many people from different countries and this is definitely a real wealth! All of them were of course interested in environmental issues and this was very enriching for me to exchange our views onto such topics. Besides, meeting YEEers means getting to know with people from different cultures, and it helped me thinking more globally, opening more and more my mind.
So, in a word, as a EVS in YEE, I entered and enjoyed an international atmosphere.
Last but not least, as a volunteer for YEE, I lived in Prague - such a wonderful city - and my home place was Toulcuv Dvur ecological center: this was just perfect! Such a nice cozy atmosphere, (almost) like in the countryside, with friendly people around, and just right in the heart of the best city in Europe!
It was one of the best experiences of my life.