diana profileDiana,


2016/2017, 12 months

I live in a city, lost in green. On the one side it is surrounded by a great river and high mountains on the other. So every night you can see a picturesque sunset. There are some numerous plants and animals which are included in the Red Book. Every year I can watch lotuses rising up from pure water. In my childhood my parents took me hiking with them for hours. So I can't help loving nature. I wasn't given a chance anyway. My previous volunteer experience was connected with children and a little with nature. And my profession is governmental economy, what meant no outdoor activities. After 5 years office work, I asked myself: "What can I do that is really useful? And volunteering was the first thought I had. And now I am here, writing an article, trying to introduce myself. So, what can I say: reading, travelling and new meetings is my passion. According to my fields of interest I will have an exciting year.


During my EVS I was involved in: