Vladimir volunteer pageVladimir Jordanov,


2015/2016, 12 months

Hi! My name is Vladimir. I'm from Macedonia, from the city of Shtip. I have a BA in English Language and Literature, and I have just started with my EVS year.

I have always been a firm believer in the power of volunteerism, and the various opportunities for people and societies deriving from this power. Therefore, last year, I started looking for volunteering positions that are a part of the European Voluntary Service. After a while, I stumbled upon YEE's open call and the organisation caught my attention not only because of the type of work that it performs, but also because of its great experience and expertise. Long story short, after several selection stages, I got accepted as a volunteer and now here I am, working at the organisation's office in the wonderful area of Toulcuv Dvur. The reason I applied for this position is because I wanted to get involved and explore the area of environmental awareness-raising and nature protection and conservation for a long time. In addition, another encouragement is that the YEE's field of activity is a somewhat uncharted territory for me, but at the same time, a territory that I am very passionate and excited to explore in a great detail. Furthermore, I believe that by becoming an EVS volunteer I can begin a new chapter - personal and professional - by obtaining many new sets of skills, and upgrading myself as a young person who has yet to discover his life's trajectory. As a result, I can continue to find new and innovative means that would help me express my creativity, while at the same time making a small mark on the world around me. Speaking of, the fact that I enjoy discovering this human planet we call Earth and what it has to offer makes me more than ready and confident to embark on this new journey. Last but not least, I am most certainly eager to get to know the Czech Republic better from the inside and to learn about its culture, language and people.

I got a feeling that this year is going to be a year with plentiful learning and living experiences, a year full of personal and professional discoveries. Thus, I'm really looking forward to what this EVS future has in store for me.


My EVS activities as a part of YEE: