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2015/2016, 12 months

Hello, my name is Judit and I was born and grew up in Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary. I always reckoned environment as the place where we humans live, among other species, and in order to live together in harmony, we have to know and understand the processes of our nature. That's why I graduated as an environmental engineer both in bachelor and master level.

During my studies, I had the possibility to do my internship in the Netherlands and study in Paris due to Erasmus scholarships. After my memorable experiences abroad, I really wanted to grab the great opportunity of EVS as well, because I believe that voluntary action, especially in the framework of international cooperation, is one of the principal ways for improving as a society. I was also a volunteer at an NGO in Hungary which focuses on empowerment of young active citizens. Because of this, I took part mainly in organisation of workshops and Youth Exchanges, while traveling a lot around Europe at the same time. Traveling, discovering new places, new cultures and meeting inspiring people is my passion. So here I am, making the most out of my EVS, being a part of remarkable happenings in one of the greatest cities in the world, Prague, within a great NGO, YEE.

With YEE I got involved in: 

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