kristina 1Kristina Huda,


2014/2015, 12 months

I am studying Environmental Engineering and I like it very much, my love for the mountains, for caves, animals make it really easy for me to be passionate to work on the field of environmental protection. I am about to finish my Bachelor but because I want to see more out of this amazing world I decided to explore my possibilities on how I could be active in environmental issues and in the same time be wanderlust. My desire and curiosity to explore and learn many things in the same time, is not very helpful in making me decide on what will my master be focused on exactly. So here I am, making the most out of my time while I am also setting my goals, I applied for this EVS and luckily enough I got chosen. I think that this experience will help me very much in giving me the opportunity to freely express my energy and in the same time focus on what is really important for me.
"You are today where your thoughts have brought you,
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you."
- James Allen
And I find myself today volunteering in a beautiful eco-village in Prague.

During my EVS I have taken part in these activities and projects: