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Jana Javorská

I did my EVS from September 2009 to April 2010 (7 months). I was in Spain. I lived in Tarragona, city of 116000 inhabitants in Catalonia on the coast. My hosting organisation was GEPEC EdC, a small ecological organisation. I worked with 2 other French volunteers. Most of the time I worked in a small town, Torredembarra. We had there an office beside one of natural beaches named Els Muntanyans, still with dunes. It is located between two typical tourist resorts so it brought many problems to this protected area. I collected some data for several long-term researches in the beach. With other volunteers we prepared materials and realized few workshops for public, tours through Els Muntanyans every month with different topic, such as plants, birds, butterflies, sea shells, nature photography and so on. I also participated in 2 markets of ecological organisations promoting GEPEC and speaking about problems in Tarragona region. Few times we went to local mountains for planting trees or taking care of hives. I was also the photographer and cameraman of many activities. I assembled a few short movies. Maybe I already forgot what more I did but it was perfectly balanced work between inside and outside, between 'headwork' and 'physical work'.
We were in our project quite free in what we can do!
I liked my EVS experience so much that I stayed 2 months more after the end of my project in friendly ornithology organization like a 'local' volunteer. There I did quite similar things like during my EVS.
What I especially appreciated is that I really learned to speak Spanish fluently, before my stay I didn't know almost anything from Spanish.