Volunteering Weekend


Today we will present you Tamjdem. This is a concept we got to know only here, in the Czech Republic. What is it about? The idea is quite simple. Some volunteers gather during a weekend in order to give a hand to a NGO. It is a great opportunity to do something useful and have fun at the same time.


During Tamjdem you meet new people, from Czech Republic and also from outside. You can always find other volunteers who share the same interests and many organisations with very attractive activities.

It is a tradition to welcome spring in Toulcuv Dvur with Tamjdem, where volunteers can bring some useful help to improve the eco-center premises and surroundings. This year it was our turn to organise it. We were very happy to do it, since it was the first project we were creating.

We met some difficulties when organising it. Some days before, we realized that there were not enough participants to make it happen. We really wanted to make this Tamjdem so we had to adapt to the situation. That is why we finally decided to transform it into a one-day activity, so that more people from Prague would be able to join us.mertamdemtd

Well... it worked! We were over 15 participants working together! We divided the tasks over several groups. The main task was to repair some wooden stairs. We also organised fire wood, cleaned an old traditional house and swept away loads of dry leaves. It was a hard manual work, no doubt on that! People from Toulcuv Dvur were glad that we gave them a hand. We did work that otherwise would have taken them a week to carry out.

It was nice to share all that work with new friends and spend the day under the sun. And we couldn't have had a better workday end... we had a great campfire, we shared some sausages and drinks, and played some games for the whole evening!

Mercedes and Mathieu