Participating in Masopust

Masopust – Spring arrival!

In this beginning of March, Carnival brings its share of masks, dances and traditions all over the world. Here, at Toulcuv Dvur, we did take part in a typical Czech way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

billy_goat_and_SasaIndeed, every year, at Masopust (Czech word for carnival), a parade is settled in and around the ecological centre. There are also stands, where you can find candies, meat, beers and other traditional meals. It is a great day for kids, where they can dress up as characters they like, the best costumes are even rewarded with some presents.

As volunteers at YEE we wanted to take part in this celebration. Thus we participated in the show by representing some of the traditional characters of the Czech carnival: the billy goat and Masopust.

masopust1The billy goat deliver, here and on that day, quite an uncommon milk, since it is beer that he brings. He participates in chearing everybody and invites them to the dances that punctuate the parade.

Masopust is a fat and wealthy man, walking around the parade with his beer mug and some sausages. He is at the end judged for being responsible for all the bad things that might have happen to the population, and so condemned to death.

This Masopust celebration has been for us an occasion to participate actively in Toulcuv Dvur activities. It wired the scope of our occupations, since it did permit us to do something for the kids. It might have been a little bit tiring, but it was definetly a nice slice of fun.

Mercedes and Mathieu