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Letter to Member of European Parliment

Dear XXX [MEP name],

Please vote to end overfishing.

Overfishing is jeopardising fish stocks and European fishermen's future. About 50 percent of
assessed stocks in the North-East Atlantic are overfished, 80 percent in the Mediterranean.
As a consequence, the long term availability of European fish is threatened, and the viability
of the fishing sector is undermined.

The European Parliament now shares responsibility for fisheries management and as
Member of the European Parliament, you will be voting on the Commission’s proposal
for a reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in the coming weeks. I urge you to take the
decisions that will ensure that fish stocks and marine ecosystems are managed so they
can provide a viable future for our coastal communities and your constituent fishermen.
In particular, I ask you to ensure the new CFP guarantees that future fishing limits do not
exceed scientific advice, and that the EU sticks to the international agreements and timelines
for the recovery and management of fish stocks.

Fish stock recovery is absolutely necessary, realistic and achievable - other countries,
including the United States, are successfully fishing at sustainable levels with visible benefits
for both fish stocks and coastal communities. I am asking you to use the Parliament's new
powers to ensure that Europe’s fishing sector has the same brighter future.

Yours sincerely,