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Here you will find the most up-to-date information about the forest campaign and the activities that have been done.

Course for young forest ambassadors in Finland

September_2011_048 "The first activity of the YEE Forest Campaign in Finland was a course for young forest ambassadors held in Helsinki on September 17. The forest ambassadors will visit secondary schools this autumn to give interactive lessons about forest ecology and forest protection to 8th graders. There were ten coming ambassadors in the course, who were eagerly discussing everything from the role of fires in the forest to where to keep your hands when standing in front of the auditorium. They had a full day of lectures, games and practical trainings."

'Games in forest' in the Czech Republic

"As part of the YEE Forest Campaign YEE and Hnuti Brontosaurus organised weekend activities 'Games in forest' which were combined with celebration of the YEE Day. The activities took place on 7-9 October in Dobřiš, Czech Republic, where 17 volunteers gathered to clean up the forest. The morning was dedicated to work, during which the forest was clean and an important amount of trash was gathered. During the afternoon, participants played various games (some of them they invented by themselves) related to forest and walk in it to appreciate its beauty.'

Forest Campaign in Russia

ugra1 EcoCenter Zapovedniks organized several activities within the international YEE Forest
Campaign. In the beginning of September international volunteers took part in the project in
the Nature Reserve "Kologriv forest". They helped to clean the ecotrail, staff from the
reserved held a guided tour in Kologriv forest. On the 17th of September,group of 9 activists
from Moscow planted 3500 oaks in the National Park "Ugra" with the staff of protected area.
On the 24th of September, Clean Up day was held in one of Moscow parks where volunteers
picked up the garbage, learned about YEE and had a chance to exchange their volunteer
experience. And finally on the 25th of September "Watch the forest" event in the place called
"Tree house" took place where short movies about trees were screened and several
discussions held.

Forest Campaign in Finland

lunto1fc Many of Luonto-Liitto's traditional autumn activities were this year enhanced by the participation in YEE's Forest Campaign. In October, the Forest Campaign message and materials were taken to schools in Helsinki by our forest ambassadors, who gave interactive lessons about forest ecology to teenagers. In a Sunday excursion to the Vaakkoi unprotected forest area near Helsinki, the participants learned about local forest protection needs while picking mushrooms and enjoying the undisturbed landscape. read more

Autumn clean up camp in Albania

albaniafc2 21 young people from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia gathered in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park in Albania as a response to the EDEN center call for organizing an Autumn Clean Up Camp there from 5 to 12 September 2011.

"The main aim of our activity was to raise awareness on the importance of forests and responsibilities of our actions in our lives and we are happy to say that after a hard work we succeeded!" - says Endrit Shima, Project coordinator, EDEN center. read more


Forest Action Weekend in Finland

Forest_action_weekend_-_Finland "During the Forest Action Weekend in Nuuksio on November 5-6, twenty young people from the Helsinki region had the opportunity to learn forest species and take part in forest inventories in unprotected high conservation value forests near Nuuksio National Park. The participants found more than 10 species from the Finnish Red List, which will be reported to the local environmental authorities. On Saturday evening there were presentations about forest protection activities and planning of a coming excursion to a threatened forest." read more


World Habitat Day in Albania

world_habitat_day1small On the World Habitat Day, October the 6th, EDEN Center transmitted the awareness message for the protection of forests. This initiative is a continuation of a series of activities taking place within the Forest Campaign, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The place that was chosen for this activity was at the hills of the Tirana Grand lake Park, one of the few green places in the capital. This park is the lungs of the capital and offers the citizens the opportunity to spend relaxing hours near the nature around. read more


Forest protection through actions of the students in Albania

forest_protection_youth_small1 Another activity of the Forest Campaign in Albania was the involvement of students and their thinking for the protection of forest.
This action was developed during the months of October and November and has involved some elementary and high schools of Tirana, such are: "Albanet", "Eurovizioni" and "Turgut Ozal".read more

School Actions in Portugal

schoolactionsmall As part of the Forest Campaign in Portugal, two school actions were organised. The first one took place on 28 October 2011 in Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia. One OPE lecturer and volunteers visited school's forest club and gave a brief lesson about the forests in a non-formal way. read more

Forest clean up & Reforestation

forest_clean_up_2small On 12 November 2011 one of our Ecoclubs organised a clean up of a local area in Vila D'Este in Vila Nova de Gaia called ‘Vila D'Este with no trash'. In the afternoon after the clean-up there was a non-formal awareness session about the importance of forests, with the presence of a lecturer and completed with different activities, like games, movie screening and creation of art from trash. read more


Big Action in Buçaco Forest in Portugal

Big_Action_Bucaco_Forestsmall On 26 November 2011, we organised a Big Action in the Buçaco Forest (in Mealhada). 50 ecoclubes' volunteers went to an indigenous forest to clean invasive species and plant 50 indigenous trees. After the reforestation, there was a street awareness campaign in the local community, where the movement held a march accompanied by a percussion group volunteers.


Street Exhibition & Awareness Campaign

Street_Exhibition_Campaignsmall On 27 November, 2011, Ecoclubes' volunteers made a forest street exhibition and awareness campaign in Porto. They set up a street stall, with leaflets and information brochures and a dead tree. There was a percussion group of volunteers
People were attracted by rhythms of led on the street and then were invited to participate and written information about forest value and put it on the dead tree.


Tree Course in Czech Republic

treecourses1 On Saturday, October 22, 2011 the area around the playground Antivandal in Dobříš revived. All morning, the local residents with children and volunteers from Hnuti Brontosaurus were planting trees there. Once the planted shrubs and trees grow, they will prevent children from running to the road and the whole playground will get cosier. read more