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Excursion in Georgia

Excursion_1_GeorgiaAs part of the campaign, on 2nd June, 17 children from the school in Kaspi went for an excursion. It was the most joyful part of the campaign. Children waited for this day since the beginning of the project. As Georgia has wide biodiversity, we decided to take participants who live in the east part of Georgia, to the west part of the country, which is famous for its national reserves.

Excursion_2_GeorgiaWe choose to visit Sataplia Nature reserve that is known for its Dinosaurs' footprints and cave. There is a karst cavern and traces of giant reptiles - extinct dinosaurs on the territory. There is an extinct volcano crater in the Nature Reserve. Sataplia Nature reserve is mountainous, it's great area is covered by most beautiful and multifarious wood strain Colchian type mixed forests In Sataplia Children had a chance to see Kolkhetian forest.

Excursion_3We took another expert for this trip, who discussed about biodiversity in Georgia, what can cause its changing, etc. He spoke about humid sub-tropic marshes and marshes forest landscapes of Colchetian forest, different kinds of wood plants, species in the Georgian "Red List" (sweet chestnut, Colchian boxwood, Taxus baccata, elm, oak, etc.). He also spoke about the fauna of the place (from mammals we can find here: bear, fox, jackal, lynx, deer, hare, badger, white marten, squirrel, etc.; from birds: jay, cuckoo, nightingale, woodcock, etc.) The place is also interesting for its changed biodiversity. The main attractions of the Nature Reserve are footprints of the herbivorous and predatory dinosaurs in the limestone.
We also visited Gelati and Motsameta. The excursion was really very interesting for the children and they took many pictures for the photo exhibition.Excursion_4_Georgia