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Sustainable lifestyle workshop in Italy

pic_4_ItalyOn March 29, the workshop about sustainable lifestyle was organised at the secondary school of Scauri. There were 15 pupils aged 11-13 present. We started with a short evaluation of the previous workshop about nature conservation, wildlife and endangered species. The time travel brought us back to the wildlife ecosystem forum theatre and its good energies and positive impact.

Stepping into Sustainability we decided to talk first about the products production cycle. We did it through a game called the “story of rubbish”. We understood how much a product can be heavy to waste for our planet. Talking about “heavy wasting” we introduced the concept of sustainability and its components (economical, social, political, environmental). We had to discover the right order of the sustainability concept components and to reflect together on a right definition of a “sustainable development”. pic_5_italy

This was a very hard activity to bring on and the participants needed a little bit of “movement”, so we organised a new treasure hunt about ecological footprint.

We found a lot of footprints and behind them a lot of different definitions and new words. At the end we decided to draw Earth globe and to “experiment the definition” by gluing the foot on the globes until we didn’t understand the point.

This activity was very funny but at the same time, the facilitators had a lot to explain and to do, the reactions were in order: confusion, frustration, enthusiasm and at the end satisfaction.

Going deeper, during the last session the facilitator explained that it is possible to calculate our own ecological footprint and that there are a lot of web sites supporting this process. A list with the reference websites have been given to the participants: they can look for their ecological footprint and the one of their family, together with their parents at home, after dinner.