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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Diversity workshop in Italy

Pic2On March 22, the second workshop took place at the secondary school of Scauri. There were 15 pupils of the first and second grade (11-13 years old) present.
Firstly we focused our attention back to the topic and the activity done during the first workshop in order to evaluate it. We imagined all together to be transported one day back - what we did, who we were, do we know each other better? Each participant wrote down her or his impressions and then we read what the whole group wrote.
After this we continued with a new topic - biodiversity - and new games. Through the "triangle game", we learnt together how animal species are connected between them and how also human beings are connected with animals and plants. We experimented together what it means when one of the rings of the chains disappear, what can happen and what this dynamic can bring. The discussion was very interesting.
To give a bit of "movement" to the workshop we went on with the biodiversity "quiz game". We got to know new species and at the end we gave presents not only to the winners but to all the other teams as well. At the end we watched a short documentary about biodiversity on our planet, connections with market and how our social and economic system is "using" life diversity on our planet. Also here the visual facilitation through drawings on flipcharts helped us to do not step into negative and sad feelings.
The most difficult part to face with this subject was to not allow bad scenarios coming into the minds of the participants. Difficult was to give a positive perspective about the biodiversity problem nowadays. Enthusiasm of the participants helped a lot, leaving them free to express themselves was also a very positive choice.