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Introduction of the campaign and ‘Ecosystem and people’ workshop in Italy

Pic1On March 20, the first workshop of the Italian part of the campaign took place at the secondary school of Scauri. There were 15 pupils of the first and second grade (11-13 years old) present.
The first step of the workshop was to get to know each other and to build-up the playing/learning group. Participants were lead through some games in social "ice-breaking". Participants were selected from different classes of the same institute so not all of them knew each other before. All together they were invited to take responsibility for their participation, investigating why they came and deciding all together the rules to learn, play and respect the other participants. After the group building activities we stepped to the presentation of the campaign and we did it in an interactive way: the participants hunted the pieces of the puzzle describing the contents of the workshop.
After the presentation we were in the middle of the treated topic and we looked together for a definition of an ecosystem. After integrating our definition with the traditional one we obtained a complete and original ecosystem definition. Afterwards we were curious to see how we interact with this ecosystem we know and so we got in touch with it through a travel into our daily experience.
To close the workshop, we used evaluation with mimics - by using mimics we showed our impressions about the activity and of what we learned together.