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Duties of Chairperson

according to the Board Member Policy:

  • Is the legal representative, next to the Secretary General, of the Federation and therefore signs official documents, including, among others, the contract of the Secretary General.
  • Coordinates the work among the Executive Board and the Secretariat.
  • Maintains an overview of all ongoing matters concerning YEE (Board and Secretariat) and implementation of the work plans of all Board Members.
  • Prepares the draft agendas for Virtual Board Meetings and forwards them to the Board Members and Secretariat; in case of Physical Board Meetings, prepares the draft agendas and forwards them to the Board, Secretariat and the Member Organisations, and re-circulates them in both cases, if amendments have been proposed.
  • Convenes Physical Board Meetings and informs the Member Organisations about them at least 14 days before the meeting.
  • Monitors the implementation of the YEE Work Plan approved by the General Assembly at the Annual Meeting.
  • Proofreads and finalises the minutes taken during the Board Meetings and Annual Meeting before they will be sent to all Member Organisations and published on the website.
  • Coordinates the creation of the Annual Report, collecting the corresponding parts from the Board Members, and proofreads the report.
  • Conducts at least one appraisal interview per year with the members of the Secretariat. 
  • Coordinates and proofreads Board Reports.