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Gosia's goodbye

It's time to say goodbye. After 10 years, just before my 35th birthday. Yes, me and YEE were 'born' the same year. I've made a long way in YEE – from EVS volunteer, to EVS coordinator, Main Coordinator and finally Consultant.

When I arrived to YEE office on the first day, when I saw this tiny office full of old furniture and I got a first task to make 3 magazines in 4 weeks about the topics I didn't know anything about, I could have never guessed that I would stay here so long. From that moment we did so many great things with so many great people. Projects that were bringing a change, that were important and made other people know more, act differently and change themselves.

There are things I'll always miss about working at YEE – excitement just before projects start, reading an evaluation from somebody who learned something important about environment or about him/herself in our projects, getting the emails that the project was approved, meeting friends from other countries at the projects, eating lunch together with the office team, cuddling the cat and having so many tasks that you don't know what to start with :)

I grew up with YEE, I became skillful, aware of my strengths. And I've seen YEE growing. And it's great to know that I was a part of it, that it was also thanks to me.

When I arrived to YEE, I didn't know much about ecology. I discovered all step by step. I've made many projects and publications that I'm really proud of. And I know that people learned from them.

I wanted to thank all of you with whom I've worked these last 10 years. You made YEE for me more than just work.

I wish to all of you to learn, discover, act and educate with YEE. I hope that for some of you YEE will mean as much as it does for me.