UN-HABITAT's Opportunity Fund for Youth-Led Development

UN-HABITAT, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, with the support of the Government of Norway, launched the Opportunities Fund for Urban Youth Led Development, which announced its first call for proposals in March 2009. In addition to providing small scale grants to grassroots youth led organizations around the world, UN-HABITAT wishes to use the Fund to research and demonstrate the value of investing in youth.

To know more, read: www.unhabitat.org/opfund


There are still 19 days to collect 20 000 voices from children and youth till 18 year from all over the world and to hand them in as a petition to the European Parliament on the 17th of November.

Please share www.ihaveavoice.eu with friends, family, colleagues from all over the world and ask them to do the same!

Children and youngsters can write what they think the European policymakers should do about children's rights in their native language!

Call for proposals for NGO operating grants in 2010, from DG Environment, is now open, see


Deadline for proposals: 30 November 2009.

YEE prepared new issue of the Newsletter. It is a special edition dedicated to the Annual Meeting 2009.

Newsletter (September/October 2009) (pdf, 1,71 MB)

Previous issues of YEE Newsletter you can find in the section Publications.

Enjoy reading!

An innovative LIFE Environment project has created a critical mass of expertise in point source pollution from European plant protection products and resulted in new Best Management Practices guidelines on the topic, which have been widely promoted across the EU's agricultural sector.

Europe's farmers use a vast array of different agro-chemicals to protect their products from pests, weeds and diseases. Many of these Plant Protection Products (PPSs) are applied by use of spraying systems and the process can lead to unintended negative impacts as PPPs leach or run-off into ground and surface waters.