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On 29-30 May 2017 the STEP project partners gathered in Siderno, Italy, for the 6th STEP project meeting. YEE was, once again, represented there by the Networking Coordinator and the Secretary General.

This time, the meeting’s agenda focused on the STEP e-participation platform, which has already been launched in the 5 pilot partners: Hatay Metropolitan Municipality (Turkey), Region of Crete (Greece), Comune di Sant'Agata del Bianco (Italy), Ajuntament de Mollet del Valles (Spain), Ayuntamiento de Valdemoro (Spain). Several young people and policy makers tested the platform already and downloaded the STEP app.

Jim said: This is the end, beautiful friend.
Kurt said: This isn't the end, you know, nothing ever is, nothing ever will be - not even Judgment Day.

What’s all this (nonsense?) about, you might ask. As it happens, a year ago on this day I was packing my bags in Slovenia, preparing to leave for Prague. Now, today, I’m sitting behind the computer, writing my last blog (swansong?), wrapping up my EVS.

The purpose of our The Right To Be(e) campaign is to encourage young people to take an active part in bee conservation. We are more than happy to say that this year YEE successfully completed the 5th edition of it’s bees-helping initiative.  

Summer is a travelling time! For everybody who enjoys making pictures and trying new meal while travelling, we are launching photo competition from Office Cuisine!

Office Cuisine is an initiative of YEE Secretariat, which aims to promote healthy eating habits among young people. We already organised recipe competitions last year and received a lot of interesting recipes. Inspired by the success of our recipe competitions in 2016, this summer we continue the initiative in a slightly different format: with a Photo Competition called “Traveling Food”!