Since 2012, the 5th of December is dedicated to one of the most important, yet sometimes overlooked, natural resources on Earth - soil. World Soil Day is a United Nations campaign which aims to bring soils closer to people by raising awareness on their importance.

Although most of it is covered by water, we still call our planet Earth - a word which is also a synonym for soil. This game of words merely shows how important soils are to us, even if we are not aware of it. Soils are the second largest carbon reservoir on Earth. They host a quarter of Earth's biodiversity. They reduce flood risk and help clean the water we drink. They provide the foundation for our infrastructure. Last but not least, over 95 percent of food comes from soil. Yet, we have already managed to degrade 33 percent of world soils.

Have you ever heard about Zanzibar leopard, Pyrenean Ibex, Black Rhinoceros, Javan Tiger, Baiji River Dolphin or Caribbean Monk Seal? Probably not. All these species have become extinct during past 40 years. Experts calculated that from 0.01% to 0.1% of creatures will become extinct every year. If it doesn’t sound so frightening, keep in mind that there are around 2 mln species in the world. And the speed of dying out now is 1000-10000 times higher than the natural extinction level (extinction without human or climate change influences). Previously human actions were the biggest problem for animals and plants, now the climate change impact as dangerous as hunting extermination.

According to WWF there are 19 species which are critically endangered, 28 are endangered and 20 are vulnerable. Remembrance day of lost species the initiative, driven by coalition of artists, educators, scientists and writers, is held annually on 30 November, aiming to learn and tell stories of lost species.

On 17th of  November 2016 in cooperation with Tamjdem, YEE organised a volunteering day in the eco-center Toulcův dvůr (Prague). This event is already a tradition in YEE and this year it was organised in the frame of the campaign “Change Climate Change”.

Tamjdem is a non-profit NGO, which organises volunteer weekends, volunteer days as well as workcamps with different NGOs around the Czech Republic in order to promote volunteering and the values that go with it, help non-profit organisations and enable people, who are interested in volunteering, to meet each other. It is also possible to go abroad for workcamps with help of Tamjdem.

12 volunteers from different countries including the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Peru, Ukraine and Russia came to help in Toulcův dvůr this year. We played some ice-breaking games before the working day started and judging from the way we successfully sorted out with one really “tangled” game, our team was ready for any difficult task :)






Youth and Environment Europe would like to invite young people to join the study session "Exploring gender equality in environmental projects" co-organised with the Council of Europe’s Youth Department at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg.

How to apply:

Fill in the online application form until 19 December 2016.

Another successful meeting was organised within the project “Environmental challenge accepted”. The second project meeting took place on 4-6 November 2016 in Porto, Portugal and was hosted by OPE, one of the partner organisations of this project.

The project “Environmental challenge accepted” is coordinated by BALTA DABA (Latvia) and includes 5 partner organisations, including YEE. You can read more about this project here.

As in the meeting before (August 2016, Estonia) 2 representatives of each partner attended this event. A lot of useful work was done during these 3 days.