Entry #8: Green Terrace for better Climate

Organisation: Young Researchers of Serbia (YRS) 

Website: www.mis.org.rs

Dates: 20 May 2017

Place: Belgrade, Serbia

Description of the activity:

Together with students of Landscape Architecture we had an idea to green a little bit our urban city and enrich living space of the tenants in one building of a brand new neighbourhood in Belgrade. Since we had no resources, we have decided to find supporters. First, we have visited botanical fair and asked flower farmers to support our idea by donating us seeds and plants. Thanks to them we have collected 100 diverse plants for our tenants. Conclusion - first step checked. Second, we have realised that we need soil, so our next step was visiting nursery garden of the Faculty of Forestry who gave us free soil and fertilizers. Thank you guys! Third, tenants who took part in our local action “Green Terrace for better Climate” were so kind to buy colourful flowerpots for their terraces as their contribution. Finally, we agreed about the date and students of Landscape Architecture have made perfect combination of plants for each flowerpot and each flat.

What was the environmental problem:

Greenery has positive effect on us, and on the climate. It is widely known about the impact of plants in reducing temperature, especially in summer, as well as their ability of air filtration which reduces air pollution. They also have a role in reducing the solar radiation which makes living conditions in urban areas healthier. Because of it, we wanted to promote this type of activity and return it to the culture of living like it used to be and when Belgrade’s terraces were full of green oases. 

The result of the activity: 

Our action was just the beginning and we have started an avalanche: tenants started buying more plants and flowers, so now their terraces look more beautiful and sitting there during this hot summer was more pleasant. Other neighbours joined them as well, so hopefully soon this area will be greener and “easily breathable”.


Environmental challenge accepted - Public vote

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