Entry #6: Wild Flowers for butterflies and bees

Organisation: NAJU Hamburg 

Website: www.naju-hamburg.de

Dates: 19 March 2016, 15 October 2016, 18 March 2017, 21.October 2017 

Place: Hamburg-Borgfelde, Germany 

Description of the activity:

First of all we talked to the city council and got the permission to take care of particular area in a public park in Hamburg. There we started our project with removing some grass and spreading out sand to make the soil more nutrient-poor. After that we planted local wild flowers and bushes on our meadow. Another highlight of the meadow is our insects hotel. It was a big challenge because we planned and made it ourselves and had to fix it in the ground with a foundation out of cement. In our hotel the insects can hide from predators and lay their eggs.

Together with about 30 volunteers under 27 we look after the meadow regularly. We cut the grass only two times a year. In 2017 we also got the chance to extend our meadow and plant even more beautiful flowers.

To inform the pedestrians and visitors we also set up an information desk where they can read everything about our project and the different species using the hotel and the meadow.

What was the environmental problem:

A lot of insects especially wild bees are prone to extinction because of missing food supplies and uninformed people. Particularly in big metropolises such as Hamburg biodiversity and green areas decline. Creating new open space with wild local flowers and plants help insects to find food and also improves the climate in the city.

The result of the activity:

The result of our project is a green open space with a lot of beautiful local flowers and insects. Because our meadow is part of a intensively frequented public park in the city central a lot of people use it and are interested in our meadow. The rest of the park is poor of species.


Environmental challenge accepted - Public vote

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