TC YEE-nclude: inclusion in environmental youth projects

YEE organised the training course “YEE-nclude: inclusion in environmental youth projects”. From 2 to 9 April 2017, 28 participants from different countries explored the topic of inclusion. The training course took place in the environmental educational center “PROUD” in Horažďovice (Czech Republic). During the course participants had a chance to learn what inclusion means, share their experience and build new collaborations. 

Study session

The study session "Exploring gender equality in environmental projects" took place on 6-11 March 2017 in the European Youth Center, Strasbourg. In the course of 7 days participants had the opportunity to work in groups and share their experience in environmental work and the gender situation from their countries. You can read more about the project here.

Physical Board Meeting March 2017

The Board of YEE met in Horažďovice (Czech Republic) from 13th to 17th of March to discuss current projects, share the achievements and prepare for the upcoming Annual Meeting.

Physical Board Meeting December 2016

The newly elected YEE Board and YEE Secretariat met for the second Physical Board Meeting (PBM), which took place at the eco-center Toulcův Dvůr in Prague between the 3rd and 6th December.

Annual Meeting 2016

YEE Annual Meeting took place in ecological centre Toulcův Dvůr in Prague, Czech Republic from 30th August to 1st September 2016. 31 delegates participated in a varied programme comprised of presentations, discussions and votings.


Training course "Be(e) the change" took place between 23-30 August 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. 32 participants of 14 partner organisations from 13 countries gathered in the ecological centre Toulcův Dvůr to share their experiences in campaigning and to improve their skills in organising future environmental educational campaigns.

Physical Board Meeting March 2016

On 5 - 8 March YEE Board and office met for the Physical Board Meeting. This time the meeting took place in Kapraluv Mlyn, the scout center located in beautiful nature close to the city of Brno. The Board and office all came together to discuss and plan the future projects and activities in the organisation.

Physical Board Meeting Ocober 2015

From 29 October to 1 November, Toulcuv Dvur and the YEE office were happy to be the host to the second physical board meeting or 2015, and the first with the new board. From 29 October to 1 November, Toulcuv Dvur and the YEE office were happy to be the host to the second physical board meeting this year, and the first with the new board. Four months after the new Executive Board was selected, they all came together in the ecological center in Prague, so that they discuss how they have adapted to their respective positions in the past months. Also, another important reason for the physical board meeting was to plan the upcoming projects and activities in the organisation.


The training course "How to be a green entrepreneur" took place from 12 to 20 October 2015 in Toulcuv Dvur, Prague, Czech Republic, and it gathered 23 participants from 11 partner organisations coming from 10 different countries. The TC "How to be a green entrepreneur" is part of the long-term project "Green Entrepreneurship" and it aimed to train and inspire young people with green start-up ideas and help them start and develop their own green business.

YE 'Three Rs for the Environment'

The main aim of the project was to bring young people together to exchange experience and knowledge about waste management in various European countries.


The aim of the youth exchange was to provide a space for participants to share and develop their creative skills in order to create environmental projects to support their organisations and communities.

TC 'Give international dimension to your project'

Training course "Give international dimension to your project", took place on 12-17 July 2015 in Toulcuv Dvur, Prague, Czech Republic. Young people from 17 different Member Organisations of YEE participated.

Annual Meeting 2015

YEE's Annual Meeting 2015 took place 17 - 19 July in Toulcuv Dvur, Czech Republic. 36 representatives of the YEE network met together to check the work of the network. The General Assembly voted to approve the budget, strategies and changes in statutes.

Tamjdem's one day in Prague

On May 8, while most of Czech Republic took a day off due to a public holiday, around twenty people were part of Tamjdem and YEE's volunteering action at the ecological centre Toulcuv Dvur in Prague. The idea behind this action was to contribute to the upkeep of the centre, using volunteer's effort and skills. At the same time, another reason for organising this type of activity was that the participants could gain not only new experiences in return, but also new friendships and sets of competences.

TC 'Supporting youth creating green start-ups'

The training course "Supporting youth creating green start-ups" took place on 16-24 April 2015 in Valeri, Asturias, in the north of Spain. It gathered 22 participants from 9 partner organisations coming from 8 different countries (Czech Republic, Spain, Latvia, Croatia, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Poland). Participants were young entrepreneurs, youth workers and coordinators from the partner organisations. This training course was the first stage of the long term project "Green Entrepreneurship". During this TC, participants started planning the next stage of the project: local workshops link to the topic of green start-ups for young people in their community or region.

TC 'Environmental Training for Eco-Trainers'

The training course "Environmental Training for Eco-Trainers" (ET4ET), took place in Wiek (Rügen), Germany from 20-28 March 2015, and gathered 35 youth workers or active members from youth and environmental organisations of 12 different countries. The target group were participants with an environmental and/or educational backgrounds (through studies or work) and experiences in training courses and international projects who are actively involved in an environmental NGO and who want to become trainers.

Physical Board Meeting 2015

From 13 to 16 February 2015, YEE Executive Board and Secretariat met in the ecological farm Toulcuv Dvur for the Physical Board Meeting. During the event we tackled issues such as the Working Plan 2015, the Short-term Strategies, Communication, strategy design and many more. It was also a good opportunity to start planning the YEE Annual Meeting 2015, propose new ideas and do some team-building activities.

World Water Monitoring Day 2014

On the 6th of November 2014 YEE tested the water in the rivers Labe and Velké Valy in Nymburk and the lake near the small village Pisty. This activity was part of the international event World Water Monitoring Day, which aims to raise awareness towards the protection of water resources.

Youth Exchange 'In love with energy efficiency' 2014

The youth exchange "In love with energy efficiency" took place in Tirana and Himara (Albania) from 7 to 15 of October 2014. It gathered 23 participants from YEE's member organisations from 5 different countries: Czech Republic, Albania, Spain, Poland and Moldova. Participants shared knowledge and learned more about energy efficiency and the role of young people in this issue.

Annual Meeting 2014

YEE Annual Meeting 2014 took place in Valmiera, Latvia from 15th to 17th of August.

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