Membership in YEE

Advantages of becoming YEE Member

  1. The opportunity to exchange information about common topics;
  2. receiving the YEE e-Newsletter in your organisation;
  3. the possibility to join to the global campaigns of YEE;
  4. obtaining the promotional materials for global campaigns;
  5. the possibility to obtain more fundraising to your organisation through YEE;
  6. getting known other international youth organisations and common cooperation on reaching the same goal

Types of membership

There are two types of membership in YEE:

  1. full member
  2. associate member

YEE Membership criteria

1. Full members
can be those non-governmental organisations, which

  • have the same objectives as YEE, which is to encourage the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature so as to arise awareness of environmental problems among young people in Europe;
  • are self-governing youth organisations or autonomous youth sections of organisations;
  • are democratically organised on national or regional level;
  • are from European country.

2. Associate members
can be those non-governmental organisations, which

  • are interested in objectives and activities of YEE, but can not or do not want to become full members (e.g. non-European organisations)

YEE Membership rights

  1. Full members have the right to vote at YEE Annual Meeting and their representatives can contest for all positions within YEE. Full members pay full annual membership fees.
  2. Associate members can participate at YEE Annual Meeting, but cannot vote. Associate members pay half of the annual membership fee.

Membership fees

Membership fees for 2014: Check the table with membership fees.

Membership fees as from 2015: Table with new membership fees

How to apply for YEE membership

Send to the Secretariat:

  1. The application form.
  2. The attachments requested:
  • Statutes of the organisation in English translation

Deadline: Scans of the documents (application form and Statutes) should be sent by email to YEE office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least two months before YEE Annual Meeting. The originals should be sent by registered post to YEE office before the start of YEE Annual Meeting.

Processing of membership:

  1. Applications for full members are processed at the Annual Meeting. An organisation is accepted as a full member if it gets 2/3 of the votes, abstentions not counted. The applying organisation must present itself at the Annual Meeting.
  2. An organisation is accepted as an associate member by simple majority of votes