EVS volunteers receive different trainings during their project: pre-departure training, on-arrival training, midterm training and final evaluation.

As volunteers of YEE, one of our tasks is to make promotion of the organization, its activities and campaigns in local events which take place in Prague. That is what we did during the NGO market and the Day of the Earth in Toulcuv Dvur.

As you might know, YEE works as a network. Our members, environmental youth NGOs are settled all over Europe to realize actions linked to the environment. Our office in Toulcuv Dvur, Prague, serves as the central platform, and spreads the information all over the network. However, sometimes the different organisations meet each other directly, which permits us to exchange best practices, knowledge, methods and skills.


Today we will present you Tamjdem. This is a concept we got to know only here, in the Czech Republic. What is it about? The idea is quite simple. Some volunteers gather during a weekend in order to give a hand to a NGO. It is a great opportunity to do something useful and have fun at the same time.

Masopust – Spring arrival!

In this beginning of March, Carnival brings its share of masks, dances and traditions all over the world. Here, at Toulcuv Dvur, we did take part in a typical Czech way to celebrate the arrival of spring.