Mushroom picking is a Czech passion, wonderfully considered a national sport.

From 1st til 8th of June, 2013, me and Jessica were participating in the training course Women for the Planet, in Maribor, Slovenia. European capital of culture 2012. 

In the end of February YEE's volunteers Cameron and Natasha took part in the Study Session organised by International Young Nature Friends (IYNF) with the support of Council of Europe and European Youth Centre in Budapest.

 All EVS volunteers know about two trainings that they need to attend during their project.

It's an odd way of doing it, but nothing helps you bond with a group of people more, than having absolutely no choice what so ever in when they are with you. Ship a bunch of twenty something year olds into the remote countryside, facilitate discussion on some target points, provide them with meals and explain a few rules and then stand back.