101 thingsFor me, September is a time for looking back to what has happened during my EVS for the last 6 months. I had the chance to do so during the Midterm meeting, which took place in a small quiet town not far from Prague.

The meeting was very personal because it was a good way for us – volunteers – to share with each other about what we've done, what we are proud of, what we don't like about our projects and what is still there to be done. What I really appreciated about this meeting were the sincere, open talks with some of the participants. These talks gave me new ideas and inspiration regarding what I can do in the 6 months I have left as an EVS volunteer.

barefoot evs blogFrom 10 to 14th of September, I participated in the Mid-term meeting, which took place in Tynec. With all the new things that I am learning during these months as an EVS, participated in the project in Serbia and the Annual Meeting of the network in Latvia, the excitement of living in a new country and trying to get familiar with the culture, with the city, making new friends, somehow I lost track of time.

When I arrived in Tynec, the first evening at the bonfire, where we were sharing our stories as EVS, I realized what I already knew, that time is running so fast and I am already on half of my journey as an EVS.
In the meeting we talked about the mini-project ideas, and well, most of us had no idea how that would look like, but what's important is that there is a strong desire to do something.

If there is a reason why I chose to do an EVS was exactly because I had a lot of questions in my mind: where am I going to go after my Bachelor studies? What will my Master degree be about?..

IMG 4430In the second month of my EVS I had my On-arrival training in Kraliky. I should say I was looking forward to it since, as a foreigner in Czech Republic, I didn't know many people so sometimes it was a little bit boring for me, even though from the stories I heard about various On-arrivals (some good, some bad), I didn't know what to expect. And besides the fact that I would meet other volunteers I was also excited because I would make my first trip in Czech Republic.


By the end of May I had my EVS On-arrival Training Course in Kraliky, up on a hill and right across a big monastery. One might look at me strangely after hearing this, but, in fact, I think it is the best place for bringing together a group of young, crazy volunteers, who have just started to get to know the Czech Republic.

3ws gardenOn 20th of March, I did a workshop about urban gardening in Toulcuv Dvur. It was part of my EVS personal project.

During all this year I focused to learn about gardening in small places, like pots, window sills or terraces.  I had the opportunity to learn during the Spring and Summer of 2013. At the end of my EVS it was the moment to share all what I learnt and my expereiences.