IMG 4430In the second month of my EVS I had my On-arrival training in Kraliky. I should say I was looking forward to it since, as a foreigner in Czech Republic, I didn't know many people so sometimes it was a little bit boring for me, even though from the stories I heard about various On-arrivals (some good, some bad), I didn't know what to expect. And besides the fact that I would meet other volunteers I was also excited because I would make my first trip in Czech Republic.


By the end of May I had my EVS On-arrival Training Course in Kraliky, up on a hill and right across a big monastery. One might look at me strangely after hearing this, but, in fact, I think it is the best place for bringing together a group of young, crazy volunteers, who have just started to get to know the Czech Republic.

3ws gardenOn 20th of March, I did a workshop about urban gardening in Toulcuv Dvur. It was part of my EVS personal project.

During all this year I focused to learn about gardening in small places, like pots, window sills or terraces.  I had the opportunity to learn during the Spring and Summer of 2013. At the end of my EVS it was the moment to share all what I learnt and my expereiences. 

There are many ways to be more sustainable and reduce the negative impacts on the Environment.I found out one way which is very good, easy and profitable. It mixes permaculture, upcyling, environmental education, food sovereignty and more. All this with a small activity: to grow your own vegetables at home.

One of the goals in my EVS project is to get involved in Czech society. To know their traditions and enjoy the culture.
Mikulas is a Christian Czech tradition celebrated on 5th of December. It has similarities to Santa Claus. Mikulas gives presents to the kids who have been good during the year. There is also a Čert (devil) who goes together with Mikulas scaring "bad" kids.