DSC02695bWhen my organisation suggested we help Botic carry out their Earth Day event, I got excited for leaving my office and branching myself more in the area of Toulcuv Dvur. After meeting the people from the organisation responsible for managing the event, I knew immediately that I was in the right hands due to their passionate and elaborate explanation, in which I also learned more about the chequered history of Toulcuv Dvur.

DSC02637The project of EVS encourages young people to take initiatives and develop their sense of entrepreneurship. That is why a part of the project is the volunteers themselves organizing a mini project. Since the beginning of my project I was thinking what could I organise, and in the end I decided to organise a movie screening event. I really believe that watching a film which is tackling an issue can be a great way to raise awareness. I am very interested in the climate change topic so the movie I choose was related to it, but in a totally new perspective.

CLUE3On the 7th of March I organised my personal EVS project in the ecological center of Toulcův Dvůr in Prague. I thought about creating an event that would encourage people spending a few hours outside and activate their minds, while also learning interesting things about YEE and about the environment. Therefore, I decided to have a scavenger hunt – a game for teams that compete against each other to find clues and solve puzzles and tasks in order to cross the finish line first.

winter holiday evs blogDecember has been a great opportunity for me to get more involved in the activities in the farm. I was very happy to help with the Christmas workshops organised for school children, where I learnt how to make candles and paper angels. I also watched the Christmas theatre prepared by the team who organises the workshop and I felt a lot of joy seeing the children singing carols or dressing up as traditional Czech characters. But what I probably enjoyed the most was the interaction with the children and the smiles on their faces after making their own candle or angel. Surprisingly, I can now speak some Czech and was able to communicate with them a little bit, explain them how to do this and that and answer some of their questions.

iie 2From the 29th of October to the 1st of November 2014 I had the privilege of participating in a conference which took place in Prague and was co-organized by the Institute for Innovation in Education and the Riverside International School. The Institute for Innovation in Education is an incubator of ideas, projects and partnerships at the intersection of technology and learning, based at the University of Michigan and driven by the expertise of faculty members, graduate students, educators of all kinds and partner organisations from all over the globe. The main aim of the gathering was youth civic engagement.